Weekly Giveaway #3 – Win a Cigar Box with Samples

Weekly Giveaway #3 – Win a Cigar Box with Samples

Welcome to Week 3 in our cigar box giveaway series!

The contest begins Friday, May 19th and is open to Canadian and American customers. Winners will be contacted each Thursday and a new gift box will be posted every Friday.

Last week, we received a lot of feedback from our customers, and the concensus was clear: give us more ways to enter! So, you asked and we listened.

Each box will be different so be sure to enter often.

Enter week three’s contest below:

Cigar Box Giveaway #3


  1. Trying various Sandalwood scent shaving creams… 3 brands tried, not sure which I like the best… all have been great, may all come down to price…

  2. Thanks for listening to your customers, a lot of companies don’t. Shopped here for the past few years, and will continue to do so

  3. Fendrihan has the best website i have seen for grooming products by far not even close. Been shopping with Fendrihan for 5 years excellent customer service@delivery of products ordered. Thank-you. Paul.

  4. I appreciate focus fendrihan has on customer service and will continue to be a loyal customer.

  5. I’m still working through a sampler pack of blades and am fascinated by the differences between makers.

  6. I am loving the focus of novel men’s products at Fendrihan, incredible selection and unique items I just won’t find anywhere, let alone locally. Keep up the great work!

  7. When I discovered Fendrihan,I immediately discarded all my Gillette paraphernalia and began shaving
    the way my father and grandfather did and have never been happier or more satisfied with the shaving
    experience.Further,the Fendrihan products are superb both from the perspective of the quality and
    the selection.

  8. In the never ending debate between blade and cream, I firmly advocate a soft badger brush with shaving cream, never soap. The cream opens the pores and provides both ease of cut and gentle soothing of the cfeam oils. Soaps are too drying and more susceptible to hardening and dehydration. Creams are better contained for long term storage and safer ease of travel.

  9. Always stellar service from Fendrihan, my mail order go-to for shaving and grooming supplies. Thanks for implementing the contest.

  10. The manliest of men once said: pass me the toilet paper so I can put it on my face after I cut myself shaving!

  11. Thanks for this promotion. Keep up the great work, you have the range of shaving products that I use.

  12. Thank you for showing us what a great company you are and that your customers are valued not just for the money they spend but their opinions too!

    Great company to do business with we need more companies like this around!

  13. Thank you for being a company that shows their customers are valuable to them and that their opinions matter!

    We need more companies like this!

  14. Someday I’ll grow my beard out rather than shave it just so I can try Fendrihan’s beard products.

  15. I had to shave off my Pirates of the Caribbean beard last year. If only I had the Hippie Killer comb I would have kept it.

  16. I’ve been looking around for new places to purchase my wet shaving gear. I ran across the contest and entered right away. I’ll head over to your website to have a look.
    Thanks again!!

  17. How can I contact Fendrihan concerning a product I purchased from you, other than by snail mail?

  18. Love the concept, but where are the cigars? Nothing better than a fine cigar after a wet shave!

  19. Glad to see you folks have given those of us who don’t use Social Media a chance to jump in! 😀

  20. These traditional razors are the best! They out last and out class all the other methods of shaving.

  21. Contests! Fun! Fendrihan has a great selection of products available and speedy shipping. I have ordered several times and each has been a great experience.

  22. The next purchase isn’t until the winter, plan to get a new strop and whetstone. Clean up my razor, get it going again. Otherwise I noticed you guys don’t carry the muhle razor blades anymore. Got a pack in a sample and was going to buy the 100 pack you guys used to have. Is it going to come back anytime soon?

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