Shavette FAQ’s

Shavette FAQ’s

Merging the precision and elegance of a straight razor with the comfort and convenience of a safety razor, shavettes are a top pick for many wet-shavers. 

What is a Shavette? 

Shavettes are sometimes classified as a type of straight razor. They are similar in style to straight razors but feature a disposable blade rather than a fixed blade. Unlike straight razors, shavettes do not require sharpening or honing prior to use and are a great way to ease into using a straight razor.  

How to Use a Shavette? 

Traditionally shavettes were used by barbers to give a close trim, to shape hairlines, and to reach trouble areas like the jawline and nape of the neck. They have increased in popularity throughout the years and many wet-shavers prefer shavettes for home use. Easy to use, shavettes are compatible with either single edge blades, or standard double edge blades snapped in half. 

NOTE: The Feather Artist Series is designed for use only with Feather Single Edge Razor blades.

To load a shavette, follow these steps: 

  1. If using a double edge razor blade, fold the razor in half lengthwise to divide it into two. Keep the wrapping on while dividing the blade in half. Skip this step if using a single edge blade. 
  2. Remove the insert from the shavette. These are usually plastic or metal and come in a number of colours (red, black, clear, blue, etc.). 
  3. Open the insert and the blade with the notches or marks on the insert.  
  4. Close the insert, ensuring the blade is still aligned.  
  5. Slide the insert back into the shavette.  
  6. Start shaving!  

Inserts may vary for each model. Some models may have a locking system instead of inserts. The same steps listed about would still if using a shavette with a locking system. Instead of placing the blade in the removable insert, the blade would be aligned inside the locking system.  

Why Use a Shavette? 

Depending on your shaving preferences, a shavette might be the model the best model for you.  

- Easy to use - Learning curve to perfect the technique
- Stylish models - Fewer models to choose from
- Reach difficult areas - Causes irritation if use incorrectly
- No stropping or honing required - Not as durable as straight razors
- Easy to source blades

Which Shavetter Should I Choose?  

We’ve listed our best-selling shavette models, according to price point, to help you choose a model.  

MODELFocus R21 Stainless Steel Shavette Straight RazorParker Shavette Barber Straight Razor with Black or White ScalesDOVO Shavette Black HandleFocus Slim AL Aluminum Replaceable Blades Straight RazorBoker Barberette, Black HandleKai Captain Standard Japanese Folding Razor
LOADING MECHANISM- Insert- Loading System- Insert- Locking System- Insert- Locking System
BLADE USED- Double edge blades snapped in half- Double edge blades snapped in half- Double edge blades snapped in half- Double edge blades snapped in half- Double edge blades snapped in half
- Long blades snapped in half
- Feather Professional Single Edge blades
PRICE RANGE$ $$$$$$$$$$$
COUNTRY OF ORIGINItalyIndiaGermanyItalyGermanyJapan