Benefits of Wet-Shaving

Benefits of Wet-Shaving

Nothing beats the felling of fresh, close, and smooth shave. If you’re partial to dry shaving, we’re giving you a few reasons to change up your routine and embrace the practice of traditional wet shaving. 

Closer Shave

Wet shaving allows for a smoother shave as the razor blade cuts closer to the hair root. This ensures a closer shave that lasts longer. 

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Less Waste

It may seem like an electric shave is the better deal but wet shaving, especially with double edge razors, reduces the amount of waste put in landfills. Blades can also be recycled by most municipalities! 


Wet shaving is ideal for travel. All you’ll need is some water and won’t have to worry about packing extra batteries. 

Rich Fragrances 

Half the fun of a wet shave is the experience. Break out your shaving cream or soap and enjoy a rich, fragranced lather that enhances the shave. Pair it with your favourite shaving brush and you’re good to go!

Better for Skin

There’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to wet shaving. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll notice less irritation by reducing the amount of ingrown hairs and frequency of razor burn. 

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