PVD 101

PVD 101

We’re always looking to enhance our product offerings. One way we’ve doing this is with our exclusive Fendrihan PVD coated collection. 

What is PVD? 

Without getting too technical, PVD – physical vapor deposition – refers to a type of thin coating used in the manufacturing process. Sometimes called physical vapor transport (PVT), PVD is usually found on parts of delicate items such as those used in the fields of mechanics and electronics.

Benefits of PVD

PVD is ideal for protecting and preserving materials. Its coating is corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, strong, and overall more durable than other materials. 

When it comes to safety razors, PVD coated tools last longer than traditional materials. PVD coated safety razors also have a smooth and refined surface and are less likely to chip. Overall, it PVD enhances the performance of a safety razor, resulting in a smoother, closer shave. 

Test it out today and see how it compares to other models.

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