Top 10 Products to try in 2023

Top 10 Products to try in 2023

Start the new year off right by making some adjustments to your shaving and grooming routines. We’ve listed some noteworthy products to test out in 2023!

Gold Dollar Straight Razor – Designed to be affordable, the Gold Dollar models make an excellent introduction to wet shaving with a straight razor. 

Basic Maintenance Lab The Super Cream– Treating and preventing dry skin is important throughout the year especially during the winter months. This powerhouse of hydration can be used daily to calm and nourish skin. A small amount is needed and bottle will last until the spring!  

Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art Solid Serum – For more than just hydration, this signature serum will enhance your shave when used as a pre-shave or nourish skin or facial hair when used as a moisturizer or conditioner. 

Muhle R41 Twist Double-Edge Classic Open Comb Safety Razor – If you’ve been shaving for sometime and are in search of a more aggressive safety razor, it’s time to switch to an open comb model. Try the Muhle R41 one of the more aggressive and best-selling open comb safety razor. 

Sasawashi Room Shoes, Camel – Slip these on to wear around the house and enjoy premium comfort. Lightweight and breathable, you’ll want them in every colour. 

F. Hammann 5-Piece Travel Manicure Set with Leather Case – A new addition to Fendrihan, F. Hammann manicure sets feature premium tools crafted by Eschenburg Solingen and handcrafted leather cases. 

Fendrihan Two-Tone Extra Wide Synthetic Shaving Brush, Resin Handle – Now’s the time to try one of Fendrihan’s newest Synthetic Shaving Brushes. Soft, quick-drying bristles are easy to maintain and idea for travel. 

Henson AL13 Safety Razor – One of the most requested safety razors, Henson’s AL13 gives a close and precise shave. Available in Mild, Medium, and Aggressive. 

Men’s Pearwood Military Hairbrush with Pure Soft or Wild Boar Bristles, Made in Germany – Upgrade your haircare with a quality brush that will nourish and strengthen strands while helping to condition scalp. This Fendrihan model is just what you need and its compact size is easy to store in a gym bag, briefcase or carry-on. 

Ruitertassen Classic 2337T Leather Briefcase, Natural – Return to the office in style this year with a spacious and durable briefcase or messenger bag. 

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