Don’t Overlook These Aspects of Wet-Shaving

Don’t Overlook These Aspects of Wet-Shaving
…or any side of the face for that matter, keep in mind two things: angle and pressure.

Would it surprise you to know that you are shaving wrong? Well, maybe you are not doing it wrong exactly, but you are overlooking two very important aspects of wet-shaving. If you value your skin, you will start paying more attention to two things: the angle of the blade and the pressure with which you apply that blade to your skin.

So, what is the correct blade angle? I’m glad you asked. It’s 30 degrees. If you use an angle greater than 30 degrees, you risk scraping bits of skin off your face. If you use less than 30 degrees, you will slice the skin on your face instead. Either way, you end up with bloody bits of toilet paper stuck to your face. That’s no way to attend a business meeting or a first date. It’s much better just to get it right.

Here’s a pop quiz. How much pressure should you apply when you hold the razor against your face? That’s a trick question. You should not apply any pressure to the razor. The weight of the razor should be enough to create the perfect pressure for a close shave that won’t remove your skin. If you are shaving with an ultralight razor, you may have to apply gentle pressure, but don’t get carried away.

You should be able to enjoy the shaving process, but that’s not going to happen if you don’t prepare your face properly and use a gentle touch every time you shave. Use these wet-shaving techniques to keep your skin safe, whole and baby smooth. Pay close attention to what you are doing. There’s no room for carelessness when you are holding a sharp blade against the surface of your skin. Keep your razor blade at the perfect angle for the ultimate shave. Don’t apply pressure unless your blade is too light. In that case, remember that you want very gentle pressure. Pressing sharp implements firmly against your skin is a recipe for disaster, so keep your touch light to avoid nicks, cuts and scrapes.

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