Your Personal Guide to a Life Well-Lived: Celebrate His Day on June 17

Your Personal Guide to a Life Well-Lived: Celebrate His Day on June 17

He was the steadying hand on the seat of your bike the day the training wheels came off. Many an award-winning science fair volcano or animal habitat diorama were snatched from the jaws of defeat when he opened his toolbox or adjusted the household chemical recipe.

No one was more of a fan as you competed in your chosen arena, whether athletic, academic, artistic or musical. His fingers led you through the intricacies of your first Windsor knot or caught his breath when you descended the stairs in that strapless, sequined dress. He taught you how to parallel park and wistfully relinquished the car keys after that trick paid off in a driver’s license.

You may not have seen it, but know he found it hard to talk and brushed away a tear when you closed the door behind him after you moved into your freshman dorm room or your first apartment. If you thought you were nervous when you brought your special someone to meet him, you will never know how relieved he was when he saw you had found a soulmate to treasure you almost as much as he does.

It wasn’t always an easy relationship, but every time you pushed back hard he never wavered in pointing the way. As you now walk your own path, never forget who guided you to the trailhead. Look over your shoulder and you can see a glimpse of that proud face.

The third Sunday in June is just around the corner, an opportunity to show your dad just how much you appreciate him for the course your life has taken. Browse our Father’s Day Gift Giving Guide, or strike out on your own among the pages of luxurious yet practical gifts for the first man of distinction in your life. After all, you know him better than anyone.

And remember to bring lots of love, along with a little luxury, to your dad this Father’s Day.