Perfect Time for a Change: eShave’s After Shave Soothers

Perfect Time for a Change: eShave’s After Shave Soothers

Looking for a new aftershave lotion? Your timing is fantastic, as Men’s Health just released its 2012 Grooming Awards in the June issue. Heading the list of Best Post Shave Lotion of the Year is one of our recent favourites—eShave’s After Shave Soothers.

eShave Aftershave Soothers featured on the June Issue of Men’s Health Magazine

eShave’s After Shave Soothers waste no time after application, delving deep within the skin instantly to heal and nourish. Greaseless, but loaded with effective moisturizers, your skin will be fresh and perfectly hydrated after using any of eShave’s innovative soothers. Everything that causes discomfort or unpleasant reactions has been left behind, with only naturally conditioning and comforting ingredients remaining in its balanced formulation. Banish redness and the sting of razor burn, trading irritation for almost impossibly smooth skin.

eShave aftershave soothers win the Men’s Health Award once more

Available in a range of citrus, herbal and woodsy scents, as well as a fragrance-free version, these are not your father’s aftershaves. Although the fragrance names may sound familiar, eShave takes traditional manly scents to a whole new level. Infused only with essential oils and essences of wood; no harsh and artificial chemicals make up the fragrance bouquet of any eShave After Shave Soother. Calming, relaxing, yet subtly invigorating, the Lavender, Verbena Lime and Orange Sandalwood Soothers transport both your skin and your consciousness to a higher plane. And if you neither want nor need a scent, eShave also anticipated that request flawlessly.

eShave has pushed the men’s skin care revolution into high gear since 1996, and regularly finds itself among the leaders when experts vet male grooming products. Its third time on the Men’s Health list is both an honour and a challenge to raise the grooming bar high. Keeping it straightforward and simple by using only the best and most natural ingredients is the key to eShave’s success, and your skin’s comfort; be assured, eShave intends to ensure men’s skin comfort successfully for years to come.

When Men’s Health recommends a product, we listen. That little voice you are hearing right now is your skin trying to convince you to lend an ear to the preeminent men’s wellness and grooming authority, as well.

Heed the voice and consider a switch to an eShave After Shave Soother. Take a look, too, at the other marvelous products eShave has to offer the discerning man. Chances are good you will never look back.