How to Fix a Patchy Beard

How to Fix a Patchy Beard

For those of you who desperately want a thick beard, but can only muster a patchy beard instead, confidence can sometimes be eroded. The inevitable “what do I do next?” questions start swirling in your minds, and confusion sets in. Do you just suck it up and go clean-shaven, even though it’s neither wanted or suits you, or do you put up with patches in your beard?

While there are no guaranteed ways to instantly turn your patchy beard into something more substantial, there are steps you can take to help it along the way.

Be Patient

The reason why patchy beards occur is because of the uneven spread of hormones, particularly testosterone, in your face. This imbalance causes hair follicles to grow at different speeds, so hair will grow earlier and faster in some areas, while it may take a few more years and grow slower in other areas. In the short term the best course of action is to simply let your beard grow out as much as possible. Give it 5-6 months and see how it looks; you may be surprised how well those patches fill in when given the time to grow. In the long term, as you age you are more likely to grow in fuller and more evenly. As your hair follicles mature in the patchy areas of your face, they will grow just as thickly and quickly as the more mature areas. While this may not be the answer you’ve been searching for, the fact is patience is the key to growing out those patchy areas.


No, we don’t have a magic pill you can take to fill out your patchy beard. However, there is a direct link between the levels of daily stress, and the amount of hair you lose across your body. To assist your hair growing goals, particularly when it comes to your patchy beard, try and rid any stressful situations from your life. Whatever you can do to alleviate stress in your life will not only help with your patchy beard but can also lead to a far happier life in general.

Eat Right

By eating the right foods you’ll not only give those hair follicles an almighty push, but you’ll also feel much better. Hair follicles are made from proteins and filling the dormant follicles in your face with extra protein may give them the push they need to speed up the growing process.

Now’s the time to add more lean meats, fish, eggs, beans, and nuts to your diet so your body is full of wonderful natural protein. Don’t forget Vitamins B6, C and E also promote hair growth so be sure you’re getting your daily dose.

Get Creative

OK, so you can’t grow a full and bushy beard right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have awesome facial hair. Experiment with different styles and see what works. For example, if the hair on your cheeks is patchy, shave it off and grow an awesome goatee or chinstrap beard. If your moustache doesn’t connect to the beard, shave the beard off and go for a monumental handlebar moustache instead. The idea is to embrace what you’ve got, experiment with various styles, and own your new look. By really owning your new facial hairstyle your confidence will be sky high, and you never know, you may just discover a style you never thought would look great on you but does.

There is no easy fix for a patchy beard. Your best chance of success is eating a healthy diet, removing as many stressful situations from your life as you can, and patience. Not only will incorporating these into your regular life encourage hair growth, you’ll also live a healthier lifestyle.