Comparing Adjustable & Non-Adjustable Safety Razors

Comparing Adjustable & Non-Adjustable Safety Razors

We’re often asked by our customers to compare adjustable and non-adjustable safety razors. Performance, durability, and practicality are some of the key issues customers are looking to compare between the two models. We’ve broken down the basics of adjustable models to help answer all your questions. 

Head Type- Closed Comb
- Butterfly
- Open Comb
- Closed Comb
- Butterfly
- Slant
Materials - Stainless Steel
- Plated Brass
- Stainless Steel
- Plated Brass
- Zinc Alloy
Price Range- $40 - $350 (CAD)- $15 - $400+ (CAD)
Compatible Blades- Standard Double Edge Blades- Standard Double Edge Blades
Beginner Friendly- ✘- ✔︎
For Sensitive Skin- ✘- ✔︎
For Coarse Hair- ✔︎- ✔︎
Unisex- ✔︎- ✔︎

What is an adjustable razor? 

Adjustable razors are double edge safety razors that allow you to change the aggressiveness of the razor or the degree of blade exposure. This allows the user to find the best angle that gives them the closest, and most comfortable, shave. 

Rockwell Model 6C.
Photo c/o Rockwell Razors.

How does an adjustable razor work?

Similar to standard double edge safety razors, adjustable razors usually come as two-piece models and are compatible with double edge blades. They have a dial located either at the top or the bottom of the razor handle that allows you to adjust the aggressiveness of the shave.  

Parker Variant Adjustable Razor Collection.
Photo c/o Parker Razors.

I’m new to wet-shaving, should I start with an adjustable or non-adjustable model?

For beginners, we would recommend starting with a non-adjustable model. This allows you to prefect your technique before trying to change up the aggressiveness of each shave. If you’re certain you can the adjustable razor, we strongly suggest keeping it on lowest, or least aggressive, setting until you’ve perfected your technique. 

Which adjustable razor is best?

There really is no “best” adjustable model. Like everything else, finding the best model for skin depends on what you’re looking for in the razor and other personal preferences. We’ve compared out top-selling adjustable models below.


ModelMerkur FuturMerkur ProgressParker VariantRockwell 6SRockwell 6CREX Supply Co. Ambassador
Number of Settings 6 6 5 6 6 6
-Chrome or Satin Finish
-Nickel-plated brass -Brass
-Satin Chrome/
Graphite Finish
-316L Stainless Steel-Zinc Alloy
-Chrome Plated
-316L Stainless Steel
Weight -135g-90g-110g -118g-100g-100g
Country of Manufacture Germany Germany IndiaUSA China USA


ModelRockwell Model T Adjustable ButterflyFendrihan Adjustable Butterfly
Number of Settings 6 8
Material- Brass
- Chrome, Gunmetal or White Chrome Coating
-Brass body
-Chrome plating
Weight -101g-110g
Country of Manufacture CanadaChina