Disposing Razor Blades

Disposing Razor Blades

If you’re wondering how to dispose razor blades, you’re not alone. We’re often asked about blade recycling so we’ve gathered some tips and information to help you easily dispose your blades. 

Keep Blades Secure

With their slim and compact size, it’s tempting just to throw a used blade in the trash. Once used, it’s best to collect blades and keep them in a secure location. We recommend a razor blade disposal unit or a secure tin or container. Depending on the material of the blade bank, you can either recycle or dispose of the bank once it is full. 

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Where do I dispose them?

Razor blades are metal and should be accepted at most recycling centres and facilities. 

Razor blade disposal regulations vary by municipality. It’s a good idea to check with your local recycling guidelines to see how and where razor blades can be discarded and recycled in your area. 

Recycling Program 

Terracycle is a great resource to help you locate a blade-recycling centre in your area. They’ve also partnered with Gillette to make razor blade disposal and recycling as easy and convenient as possible. 

You can sign up for their recycling program, or find drop off locations using their interactive map, here.