Dry Brushing Basics 

Dry Brushing Basics 

Looking for an effective and convenient way to condition skin? Dry brushing might be the simple solution you’ve been overlooking. 

It may not seem like it, but dry brushing has an abundance of benefits for your skin and overall health. Along with removing impurities and smoothing skin, dry brushing works to regenerate skin cells, ensuring your skin stays healthy and strong.

With information provided by Hydrea London, learn more about the benefits of dry brushing, along with proper dry brushing techniques below. 


It doesn’t take much for skin to get dry and tired. Dry brushing brings life back into dull skin and supports your body’s overall circulation. Frequent and prolonged dry brushing enhances the circulatory and immune systems by detoxifying skin and encouraging lymphatic drainage, meaning blood will pump a bit faster. Some users even report feeling refreshed and invigorated after use as they begin to clear toxic build-up of skin. 

Dry brushing also makes a quick remedy for removing ingrown hairs, eliminating dry or rough skin, and opening pores. The result is soft, smooth, and healthy skin! 


Follow Hydrea London’s six easy steps to start dry brushing: 

STEP 1: For best results, use a dry brush in the morning as its invigorating effects will help you start the day. (Dry brushing should only be done twice per week!) 

STEP 2: Use a dry brush in the bath or shower – without adding water. 

STEP 3: Begin at the soles of your feet and legs. Apply light pressure while using sweeping motions, brushing up towards your heart. Be gentle and avoid scrubbing skin.

STEP 4: Work towards the heart to move to other areas.

STEP 5: Use small circular motions on the abdomen and chest.

STEP 6: Rinse off your body with lukewarm water to wash away the dead skin cells when complete. Tap the brush to remove skin debris and store away from moisture.

NOTE: Beginners or those with sensitive skin should always opt for softer bristles. Never use a body brush on sensitive areas or broken skin!

Improve lymphatic flow by following the directions of the arrows below with your dry brush.

Image c/o Hydrea London


To get the most out of your brush, proper maintenance is key. Gently tap the brush after each use to remove dead skin or other particles left on the bristles. Store your brush away from moisture to prevent damage. 

Dry brushes can also be cleansed by hand in warm, soapy water. Ensure they are thoroughly rinsed and as much water is removed before letting a brush air dry with the bristles facing down.  

Photo c/o Hydrea London

NOTE: Dry brushes only require occasional cleaning with soap and water!