Weekly Giveaway #12 – Win a Cigar Box with Samples

Weekly Giveaway #12 – Win a Cigar Box with Samples

Another week and another great giveaway.

Week 12’s contest runs from July 21 – 28. Both Canadian and American customers are encouraged to enter. A new prize is posted each week so keep checking back for your chance to win some great products.

Good luck!

Weekly Giveaway #12 – Win a Cigar Box with Samples


  1. Guess I’ll have to work on my penmanship again 😉
    (Also why can’t I link some of my IG post? Seems the multi photo ones don’t show up)

  2. Great pen. I have tried it as someone I know owns one. Very smooth and he has had it for years with no problems except regular maintenance.

  3. For new wet shavers get a really good quality shaving cream such as George F. Trumper. I have been using it more than 20 years.

    After using different colognes I have found that moisturizers or after shave balms are best.

    Also be sure to invest in a good silver tip badger shaving brush.

  4. I have purchased several products from Fendrihan and have always been pleased. Plus, I use a fountain pen the majority of the time I write and Sheaffer makes the best fountain pens in the world!

  5. Wet or dry shaver: Fendrihan will give you your closest shave ever!
    And Shaeffer makes the best fountain pens!

  6. Great giveaway! I grew up using fountain pens, and still prefer them for writing as well as drawing. As for advice to wet shavers, I guess I’d say that the pleasure that results from taking the time to get comfortable with a double-edged razor is more than worth any discomfort you may encounter at the beginning. Rather like a fountain pen, a great DE razor is both practical and traditional, responds to the subtlety of your touch, and demands (and rewards) finesse.

  7. I grew up using fountain pens (my mother was a printmaker, and ordered all kinds of wonderful papers, inks, etc. by mail on a regular basis), and this was the start to my interests in both writing and visual art. I guess the things I like about fountain pens (utility, reusability, history, and the difference finesse makes to pleasure) also explains my interest in double-edged razors. I have an old ’64 Gillette flare-tip that still operates beautifully. I would say that my advice to those new to wet shaving is that any difficulty you may encounter in mastering this tool is more than made up for by the enjoyment you’ll receive once you get comfortable with your technique. I’d say the same for fountain pens too.

  8. Cool giveaway! My advice to beginners as a beginner myself is to practice the technique with the razor and to be patient.

  9. Research different techniques cause everyone’s face and skin is different. Buy a multipack of different brands of blades when starting. Helped me realize the feather is too sharp for my sensitive neck.

  10. I got into wet shaving from your site! Thanks for the great shaves. I could use a replacement for the cheap pens at work.

  11. Love shaving with old school razors.. have a couple, but would def love to try one of your new ones

  12. Another great giveaway! My advice to new wet shavers would be to not give up!!!! Take your time to find what works and you will be rewarded with a great shave!

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